Capria VentureBasecamp

What we do

VentureBasecamp partners with local incubators, accelerators and fund managers to deliver world-class skills training to startup entrepreneurs. Our global network of mentors, investors, and incubators provides entrepreneurs worldwide the necessary skills, community and resources to build scalable ventures.

Incubator Manager Training

We help incubator managers build more effective incubation programs focused on improving startup investability.

Building a great incubator is really hard, but the best are there when an entrepreneur needs it the most. VentureBasecamp provides strategies and guidance to our partner organizations to help them build world-class entrepreneurship programs. From finding revenue models and selecting the right startups to building an entrepreneurial community and working with investors, VentureBasecamp is there to help you become a leader in your entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We work closely with our partners to help them develop the foundations of world-class entrepreneurial support programs through:

  • Setting differentiated program focus and strategy
  • Building sustainable revenue models
  • Building great teams
  • Developing a great internal community and culture
  • Honing your brand and messaging
  • Developing your ecosystem network
  • Recruiting and selecting investable startups
  • Designing a world-class program
  • Cultivating peer-learning
  • Engaging quality mentors
  • Attracting investors and fundraising
  • Activating corporate collaborators
  • Supporting Alumni post-program

Startup Upskilling Platform

We equip entrepreneurs with the practical knowledge & skills that are critical to building investable, scalable ventures.

VentureBasecamp leverages over 70 years of veteran global entrepreneurial expertise to teach entrepreneurs how to build the right skillsets, roadmaps, and bring in the right people to turn their ideas into reality. From understanding startup roadmaps and building great teams to increasing customer engagement and thinking like an investor for fundraising, VentureBasecamp trains entrepreneurs on the science behind the ‘magic’ of successful businesses.

Our training program covers:

  • Developing your startup roadmap
  • Building great teams
  • Understanding your customers
  • Understanding your market strategy
  • Building lovable products and exceptional experiences
  • Developing scalable economics
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Generating traction
  • Expansion, scale and sustainable systems
  • Preparing for growth and equity return

Support Network and Community

Join a global community of startup ecosystem builders to share knowledge, best practices and network.

We bring together a global community of investors, incubators & accelerators, corporations and ecosystem builders who are all committed to the same goal –– helping startups thrive. We know a lot, but not everything and we’re committed to helping each of our partners develop a program that works in their unique context. Learn from others around the world, collaborate and access unique opportunities from our corporate sponsors and ecosystem builders

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