Startup Toolkits

Customer Persona Template

Customer Persona is a detailed description of customer traits that form a descriptive profile and an entire story of a typical customer. Using Capria VentureBasecamp’s Customer Persona Template you will develop a customer archetype or persona for your startup. You may use a separate canvas for each distinct customer types.  

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Risky Assumptions Mapping Canvas

Use the Capria VentureBasecamp’s Risky Assumption Mapping Canvas to map out all the assumptions pertaining to your startup. There are three buckets that your main assumptions are going to fall under: Product Market Business & Execution Capability

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Minimum Lovable Product Definition Canvas

A Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) is a simple product that is just viable enough for customers to have a chance of using it to give early feedback. Using Capria VentureBasecamp’s MLP Definition Canvas create a minimum lovable product for your own startup.

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