Capria VentureBasecamp

Partner Outreach

We're on a mission to transform incubators into world-class systems of entrepreneurial support.

At VentureBasecamp, we do three main things to help our partners build better entrepreneurial training programs:

  1. We offer our VentureBasecamp Intensive Workshop for incubator programs in order to train our partners on how to design and implement process-driven incubation programs.
  2. Our partner’s entrepreneurs access our entrepreneurial training platform where they get trained on the 12 Critical Success Elements of investable ventures. Our time-tested curriculum develops entrepreneurial skills ranging from how to “think like an investor” and sustainable differentation, to building a startup team and building a brand, as well as creating lovable products to achieving positive unit economics.
  3. Our partner programs join a collaborative community of incubators and accelerators through VentureBasecamp partners all around the world to share knowledge, expertise and resources.

We want YOU to be part of our journey. We invite you to keep in touch with us as we grow! Please reach out to for any questions or thoughts!

Partner with us


We are going to be selecting a group of incubator/accelerator partners to work with us closely as we build the program to fit the ecosystem's needs. We will be selecting partners who are open, collaborative and will give us great feedback. You will have the opportunity to influence the way the program is designed and get exclusive access to the program for free!