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Pitch Perfect

PITCH PERFECTA Guide to getting your next investor meeting Listen to veteran entrepreneur and investor Dan Kranzler talk about “WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE PREPARING YOUR PITCH” 6 Steps to Rock Your Investor’s World! Set objective of investor meeting Think like an investor – set your mind to theirs Tell the story from their …

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Pitch Clinic Webinar

A pitch is an act of persuasion. How can your PITCH get you that next meeting with investors? We partner with incubators to deliver the most comprehensive training, tools, and resources for incubators & entrepreneurs in the world. Together, we’re building the next generation of investable startups…no matter where they are. Pitch Clinic for Entrepreneurs: Diagnosis & …

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Entrepreneur Talks

VentureBasecamp Originals: Startup 101 Questions that every founder has but never asks – we answer them via our Startup 101 series. Scroll through the playlist below to see the various titles we have. What is an investable startup? Types of entrepreneurial people Why think like a Investor? Founder Talks: Insights from the field Listen to …

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Partner Incubators

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Critical Success Elements

Investability is something that must be gauged by both entrepreneurs and investors. Typically, most companies don’t even reach break-even from overhead costs until after their fifth year, and that’s if they’re lucky. When 90% of startups on average fail, entrepreneurs need to determine whether their business idea is worth pursuing despite the high likelihood of …

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Contact Us

We are always excited to meet incubators, accelerators and fund managers innovating in emerging markets and empower them with our unique methodology and training program. Please click on the relevant tab below and send us your details – we’ll reach out! I’m an Incubator Incubator Name* Incubator Website City of Operation* Country of Operation*Select countryAfghanistanÅland …

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We’re on a mission to advance the next generation of startups around the world. We believe in the revolutionary power of innovation and entrepreneurship. We are looking for people who believe that the world can be a better place through exceptional problem solving. We want the idealists. The inspired. The hard-working. If you’re looking for an …

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About Us

We’re on a mission to train the next generation of investment-ready startups around the world. At Capria VentureBasecamp, we believe that entrepreneurs are the best problem-solvers around, and we’re here to make sure they get the tools, support and funding they need to scale and make a big impact in society. We partner with incubators …

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