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Think like an investor to make them chase after you

Did you know that a majority of successful start-up deals for VCs resulted from start-ups that the VC’s identified, and not the other way around? (Think anti-portfolio!)  “Don’t take VC money unless you have to!!” Ironic and paradoxical coming from

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Tech-preneurs and Myopia

The Problem with ‘Techie’ Founders As an Entrepreneur in Residence at Capria, I’ve worked with a lot of founders, trying to help them build sustainable and investable businesses. If I had to describe the most common founder persona in my

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My Head Sherpa Fellowship Experience

As a founder going nearly broke, I started working part-time for an interesting organisation called Capria VentureBasecamp. I was hired as an Entrepreneur in Residence, and I quickly found myself getting involved in an experiment that evolved into the Head

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Set an Entrepreneur to Teach an Entrepreneur

In the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie “To Catch a Thief”, Cary Grant plays a retired jewel thief, forced to hunt down a burglar who was impersonating him. When asked how he could succeed in catching the slippery thief where the

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