Comprehensive Incubator Training

We believe that incubators and accelerators have a tough yet critical role to play in creating investment-ready startups and it is not easy!

Building a great incubator/accelerator is really hard, but the best ones are those that help their entrepreneurs to move from an idea to a viable business.

By partnering with Capria VentureBasecamp, incubators will be able to design and implement world-class entrepreneurship programs. From finding business models models and selecting the right startups to building an entrepreneurial community and working with investors, our 5-day Incubation Intensive Workshop is designed to help you become a leader in your entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Incubation Intensive Workshop

Participate in our first of its kind training workshop for incubators – create an incubation model that produces investment-ready startups. 

Through the workshop you will get access to world-class tools, resources and frameworks to help your startups become successful as businesses and as investments. 

Our partner incubators are already reaping benefits:
66% of their high-performing startups have secured high investor interest.

Here’s a sneak peak into what the workshop would cover:

  • DAY 1

    Thinking like an Investor

    Deep dive into investment criteria for startups; Become VCs for a day!
  • DAY 2

    Critical Success Elements for Investment-readiness

    Devise your startup selection criteria to hand-pick the right startups; Assess your incubator across 15 Critical Success Elements of an Incubator
  • DAY 3

    Program Design for Process-driven Incubation

    Think like an entrepreneur to build something that your customers will love; Use our canvas to design a world-class incubation program
  • DAY 4

    Becoming the Head Sherpa for Startups

    Map key stakeholders in your ecosystem and identify ways to create a strong entrepreneurial community; Get pitch training and pitch your incubator to us!
  • DAY 5

    1:1s with Capria VentureBasecamp team

    Build an action plan to get started with the Capria VentureBasecamp platform to assess, train and monitor your entrpreneurs.

Key questions answered in our training

At the core of the world’s best programs, these organizations are able to do two key things: they are able to “think like investors” as well as “think like entrepreneurs”. It is the ability to balance these two mindsets and build a process to help an entrepreneur become more investable, that is the root of a great incubation or acceleration program. 

Here are some questions our 5-day Incubation Intensive workshop covers:

How does your incubator make money?

How can you develop sustainable business models? What viable revenue models can you explore?

What is your differentiator?

How are you positioning and marketing your incubator? How do you attract the right startups?

How can your program produce investment-ready startups?

What curriculum do you have in place? What structured training make startups investment-ready?

How do you select startups?

What should you look for when selecting startups? How do you build a great pipeline?

What makes you gain investor trust?

How can you understand investors better? How can your incubator build a great startup track record and attract investors?

How do you measure success?

How do you measure progress? What impact metrics do you have in place?

How are you creating a thriving community?

How can you activate and build a thriving startup ecosystem in your city? How can you improve mentor efficacy and get star mentors to spend time with your startups?

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