Startup Upskilling Curriculum

Are you looking for the right curriculum that would enable your startups to become investment ready?

We believe that incubators and accelerators have a tough yet critical role to play in creating investment-ready startups and it is not easy!

The Capria VentureBasecamp platform is here to help – we combine technology with five decades of entrepreneurial and venture funding experience to craft personalized, world-class learning experiences for startup entrepreneurs no matter where they are in the world.

The Capria VentureBasecamp Methodology

Entrepreneurs are constantly creating products, building solutions, selling dreams and solving problems – all while trying to make their business successful, viable and fundable. We believe that your incubator can give entrepreneurs access to the right tools, resources and frameworks, for them to master the science behind the ‘magic’ of successful businesses.

  • Get startups to think like an Investor

    A window in to an investor mind and approach their business with an investor mindset.
  • Harness the power of our 12 Critical Success Elements

    Assessing ideas on the 12 Critical Success Elements that contribute to the success of every investable startup business.
  • Keep it real with a Hands-on Approach

    Real time application of business concepts to their current ventures using hands-on experiential modules.

What you get

We are on a mission to create investment ready startups. Here is how our startup curriculum can help your entrepreneurs. 

Quantum Assessment Tool

The Capria VentureBasecamp Quantum Assessment – a digital tool that identifies where entrepreneurs stand across 12 Critical Success Elements and creates a learning path to move towards success.

Plug and Play Content

Access to 25 week curriculum on topics such as understanding customers, creating lovable products, managing risks, raising funding, nurturing the right startup team, and much more.

Dashboard Access

A well designed user-friendly dashboard to monitor and assess the progress of your startups.

Learn from Silicon Valley Investors

Entrepreneurship skills and secrets from veteran investors and entrepreneurs.

Mentor efficacy framework

Methodology on attracting star mentors and improving the mentorship process

Experiential Content

Access to a range of toolkits, playbooks, frameworks as well as workshop content and guidebooks.

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