Capria VentureBasecamp

The Incubation Intensive:
2018 Edition

Are you on a mission to build a stronger startup-incubator ecosystem? If yes, then this is for you.

Our Incubation Intensive Workshop is looking for an entrepreneurship ecosystem builder like you. The workshop will help you develop a dual perspective:

  1. to grow like a startup
  2. to think like an investor

This workshop will introduce you to some of world-class tools, resources and frameworks to help your startups become successful as businesses and as investments.

Workshop Flow

Day 1

Thinking Like an Investor

Day 2

Moving the Needle on Investability

Day 3

Program Design for Process-driven Incubation

Day 4

Bringing it All Together

Day 5

1:1s with Capria VentureBasecamp


Seats are fully booked for this workshop. Sign up here for early access to next edition.