Critical Success Elements

Investability is something that must be gauged by both entrepreneurs and investors. Typically, most companies don’t even reach break-even from overhead costs until after their fifth year, and that’s if they’re lucky.

When 90% of startups on average fail, entrepreneurs need to determine whether their business idea is worth pursuing despite the high likelihood of obstacles.

At VentureBasecamp, we’ve examined and developed 12 Critical Success Elements that contribute to the success of every investable startup business:


What are the plans, timelines, and processes that will help you achieve the long-term goals of the business?

Team & Execution

Do you have a well rounded, complementary, and devoted team that is aligned in terms of vision, mission, values and culture? Does the team have a proven execution capability and the skills to manage a high growth business?


What is a real and urgent pain or problem that you are solving? Will your solution to the problem make the customer pay the price you expect, put efforts into onboarding, activating, and engaging with the product and tell their friends about it?

Lovable Solution

How useful, lovable and innovative is your product and what are the your plans to maintain this lovability and usability?

Customer Experience

What is the experience that the customer goes through when interacting with the business and product? How satisfactory and lovable is this experience?

Market Opportunity

How well-defined and understood is the target market and the market opportunity? Do you understand all the key factors, stakeholders and potential partners in the market?

Business Model & Unit Economics

Does the company have clear and sustainable unit economics in place? Are there well-defined metrics to understand the financial health and growth of the company?

Go-to-market Strategy

What is the company's Go-To-Market strategy and market expansion plans? How realistic, defined, sustainable, and effective are these plans?

Traction and Scale

What traction metrics are you prioritizing? What are your plans for accelerating and optimizing growth? What are the strategies and financials associated?

Sustainable Differentia-tion

What is the plan to create, protect, and sustain differentiation and how realistic is it?

Sustainable Systems & Risk Management

What sustainable processes, plans, systems & tools does the company have in place to safeguard itself from any kind of business risk, now or in the future?

Equity & Funding Strategy

Does the company have clear financial reporting, sustainable cash flow, & a strong capital structure to show financial health? What milestones does the business need to hit to achieve the numbers for a successful exit and secure the next round of investors?

The Capria VentureBasecamp Quantum Assessment is a digital tool that identifies where entrepreneurs stand across each of the 12 Critical Success Elements and creates a learning path to move the startup towards success.

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